Frozen and Processed Vegetables

In addition to well known tropical fruits, Thailand’s farmers grow several varieties of  vegetables for processing  and export. These include okra, Chinese kale, banana flower, young jackfruit, and chili, as well as Thai herbs such as holy basil, kaffir lime leave, ginger, galangal, and lemongrass which  are used in many traditional Thai dishes such as Tom Yam Goong.

JMF processes frozen vegetables for export.

  • We source fresh vegetables from reliable business partners based upon their cultivation and harvesting processes, as well as the quality of their products.
  • Vegetables are sorted before passing through a series of cleaning processes, then cut to clients’ requirements, such as cubed, shredded, spheres or other particular forms.
  • Products are blast frozen to rapidly reduce temperatures to minus 40 degree C. preserving the vegetables’ quality and nutritional value.
  • We select packaging best suited to the vegetable type and the clients’ requirements.
  • Products are transported under temperature control to ensure the freshness at destination.
  • We provide product quality documentation including food production license, export documentation, and certifications such as GMP/HACCP, Halal, and BRC


Lemon grass

Kaffir lime leaves


Tom Yam Ingredients


Basil Leaves

ฺBanana Blossom



Red Bean

Lotus Root


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